Unpicking What it Means to “Just Be Yourself”: TUB-Thump 004


One piece of advice that gets mentioned a lot is, “Just be yourself”.

But what does that mysterious statement mean? That’s what Episode 004 of TUB-Thump is about.

Here are the show notes for the 11-min episode:

  • We act differently in front of different groups of people. (01:07)
  • What do you believe in? What do you want to be accepted for? If someone doesn’t value you for who you are, move on from the situation. You can’t make everyone happy. (02:00)
  • ‘Acting’ differently means tailoring your actions and behaviours to how you feel in a range of situations. It should still encompass who you wish to be identified as, while identifying with others. (02:37)
  • Why comparison is a trap. (03:25)
  • We all make mistakes. (04:30)
  • Consistency is a cornerstone of being your genuine self. (05:20)
  • Relate to others with these three actions: Listen, respect and be humble. (06:25)
  • Acceptance comes more freely when you’re ready to fight your corner. (09:35)
  • Being yourself isn’t a fixed idea. There’s still a lot of personal discovery to be made along the way. (10:18)

Music for TUB-Thump is Life, by Tobu, which is released under a Creative Commons license. Check out more of Tobu’s great sounds on Soundcloud, YouTube, and his official site.

TUB-Thump is part of the Learning Always Network.

Keep being awesome!