Beauty and the Beastly Spend

After I read how students are spending hundreds of pounds on beauty products, I quickly worked out how much I spend each year.

Lancaster students are apparently the biggest spenders, with an average of £1,109 a year going on beauty products.

(photo by sparklerawk) (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Looking good. But are you a beauty super-spender? (photo by sparklerawk) (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

I don’t know what qualifies as a ‘beauty product’, but I’ve included soap and deodorant in my list of products. Do they count? I’d label them more ‘necessary’ than ‘beauty’.

Even if they do count, let’s just say I’m definitely not in the same league as the average students questioned in the survey. From the results, you may be horrified to meet me as ‘beauty’ appears not to be my middle name…

Because I don’t spend £1,109. Lancaster have certainly beaten me here.

I don’t spend £500.

Not even £100.

I seem to be insanely cheap. My total spend on ‘beauty’ products (including soap and deodorant, remember…) is a paltry:

Twenty-two pounds a year.

£22. That’s it.

It’s down to my eco-living attempts and a tendency to ignore products with a worrying ingredient list. Back on campus, I probably spent more like £150 a year. A very rough guess, but clearly a lot more than I do now. Still nowhere near the figures compiled in this latest survey.

Next year I’ll be spending over £30, because I have to buy a new post-shave moisturiser. How very dare I?

What’s your yearly beauty spend?