A New Medium: Great Links Worth Reading

I recently started writing over at Medium. It’s a convenient place to post anything not quite so student related. And more stuff that is!


I thought I’d link to a few posts of mine and others that you should take a look at.

You can keep track of my latest posts and recommendations at my profile page.

Check out some of my first posts to Medium:

Writing on Distraction-Free Writing – 7 tips to help you concentrate on just the words.

What ‘Preparation’ Really Is – Getting to finish means getting through start. This is an updated version of an old TUB post.

Dead Is Dead – When you stop using a service, that doesn’t mean it should stop existing.

And here are a few great posts from other awesome peeps:

How to College – Some great, down to earth advice on making the most of your time at university. By @EricJorgenson

Take Your Ideas For a Walk – Sometimes the creative process needs you to take a journey. By @IanSanders

I Never Win Because I’m a Girl – “The piano doesn’t care who you are. Neither does the ground when you run.” By @luckyshirt

Dear Dumbphone: A Millennial’s Declaration of Love – Not all of us are so quick to embrace smartphones. And when we do, how does it change us? By @steffiexplores

The top reasons people tell me they aren’t able to write online are:

  • I don’t have enough time;
  • I can’t think of anything useful to say;
  • I can’t write.

First, it doesn’t have to take a long time. Second, you have more useful stuff to say than you realise. Third, you can’t write if you don’t write, so get writing!

Considering how many millions of people are now writing prolifically online, I’m still surprised to see so many people still not creating their own content. If text isn’t right for you, try audio and video. Go beyond status updates and sharing stuff with friends. Push your words out to the world.