Need a Basic Overview? Choose Simple!

Some of the big lifehacking and technology websites have reported a Wikipedia wonder that I’ve recommended for years now.

It’s Simple Wikipedia. When you need a really basic overview of a topic, some Wiki entries are too complex. As TheNextWeb says, just swap “en” in the web address to “simple” and load the new page. All of a sudden, you’re given an article that’s easy to follow and just right to get a basic grasp of.

I suggest Simple Wikipedia to Freshers, especially before they’ve started uni. It’s an easy way to read up on major concepts without getting bogged down with the detail that will come your way soon enough anyway.

With an introduction to the main topics, you’ll be prepared for the juicy details far better than if you were being fed everything at once.

So check out and get the lowdown on all the stuff you were afraid to tackle!