Giveaway Winners

Last week’s Kindle giveaway had well over a thousand entries!

Thank you for all your comments on where you most like to read. It seems a lot of you like to read in the bath, in bed, and on the loo. 🙂

While I’d love it if you could all win, there are only three Kindles to give away. I don’t think there’s an easy way to share three between a thousand or so people…

So I picked the three winners with help from Wolfram Alpha‘s RandomInteger function. Because Wolfram Alpha rules.

Here are the lucky winners of a Kindle Touch:

  • Jane Meggs
  • Robyn Loughlin
  • Rachael Simmons

Big congrats to you three. And many thanks to ETS.

Happy reading!


  1. Thankyou so very much! Very excited and will be eagerly be listening out for the postman every day till it arrives!

  2. Hi everyone! Just to let you all know I have had confirmation from Amazon that the Kindles have been shipped and are on their way to the lucky winners. Congratulations, once again. What a competition!!!!

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