Lessons You Learn At University Go Way Beyond the Academic

If you need any further explanation that university can help you experience all sorts of things beyond your degree study, a University of Glamorgan student gives a bit more perspective in a list.

Student Ambassador, Aisling Galligan, has listed just some of the things she has been learning so far at university.

Aisling is currently in her second year at Glamorgan

Aisling is currently in her second year, studying Drama at Glamorgan

First on the list, Aisling now knows how to make ‘a wicked chilli-con-carne’. Her list is clearly not limited to academic learning.

Finding good deals, designing and painting, presenting videos, harmonising in a choir, effective reading of academic journals, and smiling more… the list covers all sorts. I’m sure it is just the tip of the iceberg, since Aisling calls her list a ‘selection’. And given she’s only in her second year, there will be many more learning opportunities to come.

That’s how it should be. A wealth of new discoveries is a big part of why you’re at uni. It’s hard to work out a true value to higher education because it’s an individual thing and it’s not entirely visible without hindsight. However, a simple list like Aisling has produced can help uncover the diversity of what’s available.

If you could list the things you’ve learned at uni, what things have (so far) been most valuable to you?