Edulinks – July 2011 – 20 Super Study Links

Welcome to the second part of the July EduLinks update.

Here are 20 fab links you need to devour:

  1. How to write and leave the research for later. As simple as XXX.
  2. Can students really rely on their SUs to cut the mustard?
  3. Should you shake hands at graduation? Imperial Spark says if you are going to risk it, here’s how to make an effective shake.
  4. Yes, the sheer amount of online content created is huge. But shouldn’t the main concern be that of quality & accuracy?
  5. Choosing between extra curricular work & study.
  6. All things being equal? Equality and diversity in careers education, information, advice and guidance.
  7. How to Write Better and Faster (Lifehack)
  8. Why Being Certain Means Being Wrong (Harvard Business)
  9. 9 Easy Ways to Create Ideas (Psychology Today)
  10. 7 Speed Reading Tricks by a Former Book-Hater (Lifehack)
  11. The Hacker’s Guide to Finding a Job: 9 Tactics No One’s Using
  12. How to cure deep procrastination (Study Hacks)
  13. Cambridge Journals makes content from 2009 & 2010 free until end of August.
  14. Make more marvellous mistakes!
  15. Life plans set at 18, or keeping an open mind?
  16. Listen to questions. Don’t dismiss them.
  17. Peer pressure influences our memories (MindBlog)
  18. How likely are you to be employed? Search by university & course.
  19. Teaching and learning: “The two are not one and the same.”
  20. Not knowledgeable but knowledge-able.” – You should watch @mwesch on student work (5min10sec in):