Why rewriting brings you closer to essay heaven

There’s no such thing as writing; only rewriting. Inger (aka The Thesis Whisperer) explains:

“…everyone writes badly in the first draft…I never rewrote anything as an undergrad and just assumed I was crap at writing academic papers.”

In my mind, lack of rewriting is one of the biggest issues in the essay writing process. Ask yourself, “Have I left enough time to properly edit and rewrite my essay before it is due in?”

The relationship between time and rewriting/editing is important. Do you respect that relationship?

photo by stuartpilbrow

photo by stuartpilbrow

Writing the bulk of an essay just before the deadline is a common technique. Failure to make the grade often boils down to this and it’s a more difficult method to employ all round. The temptation of a short-term, temporary gain is so great that we’re willing to pull the wool over our own eyes. When it’s too late, the heat is on to find someone else — anyone else — to blame for the shortfall.

With enough of a reality check, it becomes clear that you’re awesome enough to improve on your own terms. What looks like hard work and real discipline is actually more a habit and a willingness not to give in to temptation.

Write rubbish and keep rewriting until it’s treasure. Start right away. You won’t even notice short bursts, but we’ve all experienced the pain of last-minute essay hell…

How willing are you to cast aside temptation and ascend to essay heaven?

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photo by Samantha Decker

photo by Samantha Decker