EduLinks – Week ending 27 May 2011

The Independent published a slideshow of the top 10 universities with the best student-to-staff ratio. The figures look at how many students there are to each member of staff. Bedfordshire and UCL take 3rd and 2nd place respectively. Taking the top spot is Buckingham, with a ratio of 8.9.

Lower fees, smaller classes & an international cohort are apparently enticing Brits to Europe. This also in The Independent.

The Student Room have released their Postgraduate Survey for 2011. Among other things, it reports that “course costs and funding are already the main barriers to students continuing their university education beyond their first degree, which indicates that when the first batch of ‘£9,000 tuition fee’ students graduate in 2015 the number looking to continue on to a postgrad course will be significantly lower than today.”

The Boar reports that Warwick’s Vice Chancellor has given a ‘grim verdict’ on the future of the public university, stating: “There is not much hope of education as a public good.”

On his trip to the UK, US President Barack Obama has agreed further collaboration in higher education, science, and innovation with the UK.

In the US, tuition discounting has hit a record high, according to the Washington Post. The price you see isn’t always the price you pay.

Talking of the US, Howard Hotson wonders if anything will stop similar issues abroad from being repeated in the UK.

Finally, a video for you to enjoy. It’s worth reading about the piece at Brain Pickings. They head the piece up with: “What’s wrong with copyright law, or how neurological supremacy channels 100 cello revelations.”
Whether or not you read the article, I hope the music by Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson helps as a nice little prelude to the weekend. Enjoy!


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