EduLinks – Thinking, Fees and Festivities

A ‘not as chatty as usual’ EduLinks. Prefer it short and simple, or do you miss my accompanying ramble? Tell me what you think!

Scott Young ponders permanent incubation and lifelong learning.

Kelly Page gives many reasons why students should get blogging.  Good, clear advice.

When a to-do list isn’t your thing, the ‘Autofocus Productivity Method‘ may be your answer.

Get even more done with these 8 habits of highly productive people.

New site, FeelGooder, helps you leverage your passions to bypass entry level jobs.

Doing some group work? Critical Thinkers examines how to avoid ‘GroupThink’ and do things more effectively.

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits is interviewed by Stanley Lee, where they discuss lifestyle, freeganism and consumerism.

Just before yesterday’s vote on higher tuition fees, a new site appeared, called  Responses came pretty quickly.  There’s the facts on facts on fees, as well as the ‘REAL Facts on Fees‘. BBC also has a Q&A on university funding.

CV writing doesn’t have to be conventional. Is it time to start writing your future?

Finally, while it’s not quite Christmas yet, I hope you enjoy this bizarre wooness (via Derek Baird):


  1. Martin,

    Thanks for including me in this link. Btw, I heard the protests in Britain are still going out of hand. How are things over there?


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