EduLinks – A Mixed Bag

My apologies, it’s been a while. Please have some weekend linkageness to make up for it…

Dangerously Irrelevant – Struggling with your dissertation?

I like the first thought, “You’re not going to save the world with your dissertation”.  No need for grand ideas that can’t be built in time (or at all).

Ones to Watch – National news journalism graduate trainee schemes

The Guardian, FT, Telegraph & Sky are looking for graduates to take up paid internships.  Be warned, you’ve only got this weekend before Sky’s deadline arrives. So be quick if you’re interested!

Lifehacker – Adopt the 30/30 Minute Work Cycle to Increase Focus

One of many ways to use your time productively. 30 minutes working and 30 minutes relaxing.  There are worse methods.  Will this technique work for you?

Open Culture – Ways of Seeing… Art

A 1972 BBC series. I started watching this and it was enough to get me ready to watch more. Bizarre. Compelling…

Speak Schmeak – Speaking from a script doesn’t have to sound scripted

Advice on making your presentations appear natural.

From Wired Campus – Students Lack Basic Research Skills, Study Finds:

“…college students approach research as a hunt for the right answer instead of a process of evaluating different arguments and coming up with their own interpretation.

“‘Not being aware of the diverse resources that exist or the different ways knowledge is created and shared is dangerous,’ she said. ‘College is a time to find information and learn about multiple arguments, and exploring gets sacrificed if you conduct research in this way.'”

The Boar – Union warns against finding houses early

A problem that’s been with us for years.  Students panic about renting a place long before they even need to think about it:

“Every year the same myths come up, that there will be a lack of housing, that the good houses go early. There’s a horrible trend for students to rush into a group of friends for a house for the next year. People can end up with worse houses than if they had waited.”

Calm Growth – Other People’s Opinions and Your Actions

Your good news won’t sound positive to everyone.  Marko says that shouldn’t put you off, recommending you “Do what is right for you!”

Other people can advise you in things you hadn’t considered, but the final choice needs to land with you.  Just because a similar thing didn’t work out for one person, your own circumstances will be very different.  It’s up to you to take advice on board and work out if you need to think about things more.


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