EduLinks – Subjective Digestion

Yet more gorgeous reading in preparation for a gorgeous weekend…

Making Change – Learning Styles: Worth Our Time?

In short, we don’t have particular learning styles.  Much better to take a wider view and stop obsessing over a single learning method.

Impact – From Year Three to Square One

CV and interview tips abound. Because the sparkly wonder of uni can’t hide the fact that the real world hasn’t gone away. Sad face.

Minimal Student – The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenges always look so unassuming don’t they?  Jessica says, “You’ve got to overcome always wanting more“.

Simples?  Nuh-huh.

Ones To Watch – Guardian Student Media Awards: The Nominees (Pt 1)

Get the lowdown on who’s been nominated, with links to sites and samples of work from these shortlisted student journalists.

From Dangerously Irrelevant – The Death of Subjective Values:

Subjective assessment involves critique. It is in the areas of study that require personal and group critique in their assessment where the ability to think critically is developed. To critique a painting, a piece of music, a dance, or poem requires one to observe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate in ways that require higher order thinking. A math equation requires these steps too but only in an objective capacity. The type of knowledge our standardized tests measure in this capacity is rather shallow. It is only in the study of subjectively measured learning that this capacity can be deepened.

This critical capacity is not self-serving though, it carries through to the solving of problems in all areas of life. I am a better technology integration specialist because I have spent a lot of time in the creative arts. Because of my creative capacity I am able to see solutions to problems other “technologists” cannot. The reduction of the sorts of programs in schools that allowed me to develop this capacity means that fewer people will be given the same opportunity to develop this capacity in themselves for the future. Thus, we will end up with a deficit in critical capacity.

Lateral Action – Yes, the Internet Is Changing Your Brain

…But books were at it way before the Internet started.

Chronicle – What Are You Going To Do With That?

A post on…you know…nothing too intense.  Just conquering life and everything in it. Go win!