Ripping up the ‘generation’ labels

A month ago, I wrote that “Gen-Y is a term to debate, not mould into a definitive shape”.

Here’s another interesting take on position within a ‘generation’, courtesy of Jessica Miller-Merrell:

“The idea and use of creating labels like generational labels and categorizing those around us has been a characteristic of human beings since the beginning of time. […]

“Instead of labeling one another, I encourage a different and unorthodox approach, human interaction, engagement, and good old fashioned conversations with your employees, friends, customers, peers, or whomever.  Of course my impressions could be due to the fact that I’m a Gen XY and Cusper myself.  At 32 years old, I’m essentially an inbetween who is often mis-labeled and mis-understood…Cuspers like myself feel extremely comfortable being uncomfortable.  Being inbetween and feeling as an outsider to your own generational label among other things is normal.”

Who chooses which generation you should be plumped with?  You can’t choose and neither can anyone else.

Your generation lasts a lifetime.  But it will take longer than a lifetime to work out what that generation is called.