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It’s that time again. As always, happy reading!

Psychology Today – Ten Top Tips to End Writer’s Block Procrastination

Procrastination is something we’ll be revisiting until the end of time.  Academic writing brings out the procrastinator in many of us:

“If you view writing as arduous, frustrating, or ego-threatening, you may “automatically” sidestep the writing.”

Writing an essay takes a lot of effort (arduous), takes you down lots of dead ends and blank points (frustrating), and requires a good standard to be graded highly (ego-threatening).

Clearly, it’s a good idea to check these tips.

All sorts of infographics.  From world hunger to striptease, from farts to orgasms, this site covers a lot of interesting stuff.  Stats are U.S. focused, but still good fun.

Ben Casnocha – If You Want to Know How Things Are in Reality

People are different and nothing is certain.  What is your truth?

Minimal Student

I’ve just discovered Minimal Student and I’m impressed.  Written by Jessica, there’s already a wealth of goodness in the archives, such as:

If that’s not enough, check out the ‘Most Popular Posts’ page for even more.  And don’t forget to subscribe to the site for updates!

BPS Research Digest – Memory performance boosted while walking

Walking gets a good press and now it’s getting better. When walking at your own pace, mental ability appears to improve over sitting down or walking at a set speed.

Why should the secondary task of walking aid, rather impair, mental performance? The researchers aren’t sure of the mechanism, but they think the attentional pool tapped by a sensori-motor task like walking is likely separate from the attentional pool tapped by working memory. Moreover, physical activity increases arousal and activation, ‘which then can be invested into the cognitive task,’ they said.

Resourceshelf – Concerns Over Facebook and Privacy Continue

Facebook may have introduced a simpler set of privacy settings, but a lot of worry remains.  Check this for detail of issues still causing concern.  Facebook also responds to some questions regarding the current set of privacy settings that have caused confusion for users.

Users should take care and make sure they know exactly how much of their information is going out and who it’s being made available to.  How aware are you?