EduLinks – Deep Thought & Deep Cleansing

Here we go again with the linkageness!

The American Scholar – Reading in a digital age

We need the Internet, we need novels, we need to read.  We also need to sort out quick fixes and deep focus. This article explores our engagement with text.  Set aside some time for the piece; it’s well worth poring over.

From Donald Clark Plan B – What Are Universities For?

“The current University model is based on the 18 year old undergraduate. The whole university experience, for many a drunken meander through a three year degree, where you attend as few boring lectures as you can get away with, crib from your mates, then cram for finals, is as embedded today as it was thirty five years ago, when I attended. Yet more and more older students and part-time students, with a more focussed agenda, are doing degrees. The drunken meander is perhaps a luxury we can no longer afford.

“Another solution to the clearly inefficient system is the use of technology. The Open University has nearly 200,000 students, nearly 20 times more than Sussex, yet none are on the campus. Learning, has to a degree, freed itself from the tyranny of time and location. I’m not saying we should abandon all face-to-face activity, but we can at least introduce a better blend of delivery.”

Lisa Harris Marketing – Online Personal Branding

Your online identity, online brand, online presence, and online reputation are important.  Don’t take just my word for it.  You can find lots of examples in Lisa’s presentation.

From The Situationist – The Situational Effects of Hand-washing

“It turns out that Shakespeare was really onto something when he imagined Lady Macbeth trying to clean her conscience by rubbing invisible bloodstains from her hands. A few years ago, scientists asked people to describe a past unethical act. If people were then given a chance to clean their hands, they later expressed less guilt and shame than people who hadn’t cleansed.”

Various document templates for:

The template selections for the above tools should further enhance your productivity.  Hope you find something useful.

Nick Vujicic – Look at yourself after watching this:

I’ve seen videos of Nick Vujicic before, but don’t think I’ve linked to any here. Pretty inspirational stuff.  I came across this video through Ian’s Messy Desk.

Spiked – ‘Yes we Lacan’: the revolt of philosophy students

Middlesex University announced in April 2010 that they were closing down the Philosophy department. It has resulted in a huge backlash from students, academics, and even celebrities around the world.  There’s even a website about the campaign to save the department.  And a Facebook Group with over 12,000 members.

Philosophy students at Middlesex occupied the Philosophy building over a week ago.  It looks as though the university has taken legal action and is about to have them evicted.  Whatever the case, this closure has caused upset on many levels and I don’t see the hurt going away any time soon:

“Over the past week the philosophy students have bedded down inside the mansion, waiting for a constructive dialogue to begin with the university administration. They have turned the mansion into a hive of philosophical debate and discussion. Hoiby, who came from Norway to study at the department because of its reputation for research in Continental Philosophy, has found that the occupation has enriched his studies. ‘We’ve got everything in here’, he said. ‘We’re all living on top of each other and we’ve been having some really positive exchanges of ideas. We spend our time doing a bit of everything: discussing essays, doing close-text readings and staying up all night arguing philosophy. This is what university is supposed to be: a place for learning.'”

TED – Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover

Students of all ages need to stop and think.  Life isn’t full of problems that helpfully start at Point A and are pleasantly paved toward Point B.  Problems need to be more real in order to get students on a level playing field and ready to question what’s going on.