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Top 10 Interview Tips – Times Online

It’s never too soon to think about how you’re going to shine in that interview.  Some solid tips here.

Half-a -dozen Monkeys – 5 Tasks That Should Not Be On Your To Do List

If you want to read some funny, clear and direct advice about your to do list, look no further.  Rich has written an awesome post.  Put it on your to do list to read!

StudentSpeak – Daring to disconnect from social media (Video)

How would you feel without Facebook?  Could you be tempted away from Twitter?  How long would you last?  See how long two students lasted when they tried to shy away from the social networks.

Campus Technology – 8 in 10 Students Turn to Wikipedia for Research

…But it’s mainly just to get started.  So long as you do it in moderation and use plenty other starting points as well, there’s not so much harm in that.

Finding Dulcinea – Top 10 Reasons Students Cannot Cite or Rely on Wikipedia

I say there’s not much harm in using Wikipedia as a starting point, but be warned!  For a fantastic set of reasons why you shouldn’t trust everything you read on Wikipedia, read this piece.  It’ll make you think twice.

From Student Direct – Decisions, decisions

“…in the Western world despite unprecedented material wealth, the majority of people are less happy than they were 50 years ago. There is too much choice, and because of this people struggle to uncover who they are and what they stand for.”

PickTheBrain – How to Stick to Your Study Plan

6 ways to a state of win.

From University of East Anglia – Young people, politics and popular culture

“If popular culture is to be used to engage young people in politics, it is crucial that young people are taken seriously as experienced consumers of media culture. This means taking their concerns and experiences seriously, but without packaging them in simplistic and patronising ways.”

Developing Stuff – Using Microsoft Word for long documents

Stu Johnson has put together a great resource that helps you easily deal with all sorts of matters in long documents.  Covering formats, tables of contents, automated processes, figures, captions, and a lot more.  The main document can be accessed directly here.

BBC News – Universities look into the future

The future looks very different.  And it may not be that far away…

The Simpler Life – 3 reasons we like to read common sense advice

One comment stands out in a massive way:

“Common sense is common.  Applying common sense is very rare.”

Remember this. It’s a hugely important point.

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