20/20 – Day 11: 20 reasons to look up at the world

Let’s face it.  Most of us spend our time staring at a computer screen, looking down at your phone, watching something on a handheld device.  We do so much without stopping to look up and really take in what’s around us.

But it’s beautiful.  Away in the country, deep in the city, in a building, outside, there’s so much wonder wherever you are.

Why should you look up?  Here are 20 reasons for today’s 20/20 posting.  It’s short, because I want to give you some extra time to look around and enjoy!

  1. There’s a world around you. It’s easy to forget that.
  2. If you want to help that world, look at what you’re trying to help first. Give yourself all the enthusiasm you can to make a difference.
  3. To be inspired by the little things around you.
  4. Be amazed. We spend so much time looking down and away that even the most familiar surroundings can surprise.
  5. Online confidence is easy, but what about offline? It’s possible that people are beginning to project a more realistic picture of themselves online. But it’s often more difficult to be as dynamic offline as you are online.  Realism is one thing, acting boldly is another. How strong can you be?
  6. Not everyone is online. Most of you use Facebook, but not everyone is completely engaged with the Internet.  Can you engage with the people who don’t make as much use of technology as you do?
  7. Could you cope without the Web or without your mobile? Give it a go.  What are you free to do now?
  8. To get a different perspective. For instance, ask a librarian for help on research you’d usually consult Google about.  Google it later, by all means, but first do something new.
  9. While no one is looking… You could get away with something, since most of us are still looking down at our devices!  What do you dare do? [Oi, I mean sensibly!]
  10. Books still exist. Electronic text is not (yet) the only option you need consult.
  11. A conscious disconnect is healthy.
  12. Just 30 seconds taking in your surroundings is therapeutic.  Too often we don’t think about it.  This is like a miniature conscious disconnect.
  13. Because if you don’t look up enough, people start to look strange when they’re *not* pixelated.
  14. Sometimes the long way round is time well spent. We’re used to getting things instantly.  What if you did it differently?  A different way could take more time, but could also reap greater benefits…
  15. It’s just a tool, not a solution.  Don’t get stuck in the tool.
  16. Your eyes need a break.
  17. Experiences come from all around, not just a screen.
  18. Hey, you may miss “THE ONE” walk past if you head’s down. “Your soulmate? Oh, they were walking off into the distance about, er, twenty minutes ago.  Well, I don’t know, they looked in a hurry…”
  19. For all the communication you do, it makes many feel lonely.
  20. Life’s too short.

Title image: original by tiffa130 (cc)  /  Bottom image: Seeks2dream (cc)