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It’s that time again. Enjoy the linkage!

Memorize Now / Pauker

Flash cards are great for learning specifics, such as words, brief concepts, equations, and so on.  If you want to break free from physical flash cards, here are two electronic variants.  Memorize Now is an online flash card service, while Pauker is downloadable for when you don’t want to rely on Internet connections.

Datamation – 65 Open Source Downloads That Could Change Your Life

A great set of free, open source tools with all manner of uses.  Software to suit all.  Well worth bookmarking.

Staring (Emory University)

A video that looks at our relationship with staring; being stared at and staring at others.  A short piece that’s interesting enough to keep you looking.

Study Hacks – Beyond Passion: The Science of Loving What You Do

Below is just a small section of a great post. I encourage you to read the whole piece:

Research reveals that autonomy, competence, and relatedness are the key to loving what you do. So how do you get them? There are different answers to this question, but the strategy that I keep emphasizing on Study Hacks has two clear steps:

  1. Master a skill that is rare and valuable.
  2. Cash in the career capital this generates for the right rewards.

The world doesn’t owe you happiness. Your boss has no reason to let you choose your own projects, or spend one week out of every four writing a novel at your beach house. These rewards are valuable. To earn them, you must accumulate your own career capital by mastering a skill that’s equally rare and valuable.

It’s important, however, that you cash in this capital, once accumulated, for the right rewards. The word “right,” in this context, is defined by the traits of SDT. In other words, once you have something valuable to offer, use it to gain as much autonomy, competence, and relatedness as you can possibly cram into your life.

Freestyle Mind – How to deal with Criticism in Writing

A huge post that’ll help you tackle your coursework feedback head-on.  No longer will you fear the feedback and ignore your not-so-successful attempts at writing essays.  The problem pieces may be the most useful items of work you write!

New Scientist – When your brain gets the joke

Are you having a laugh? Humour turns out to be both complex and essential.

From Scientific American – Mixed Impressions: How We Judge Others on Multiple Levels

“All over the world, it turns out, people judge others on two main qualities: warmth (whether they are friendly and well intentioned) and competence (whether they have the ability to deliver on those intentions)”

PsyBlog – 10 Social Psychology Studies: Why Smart People Do Dumb or Irrational Things

Why rewards aren’t automatically a good thing, why we tend not to share vital information, how body language really does help, how situation trumps personality in determining behaviour, and many other wonderful insights into the mind.

MakeUseOf – Top 12 Sites To Watch Videos That Are Better Than YouTube

The title says it all.  We’re used to firing up YouTube for a video fix, whether it’s for a laugh or in order to learn.  But there are many video sites offering even more content.  Okay, so it’s yet more linkage to procrastinate to…perhaps I should have kept this to myself, eh? Nah!

Jane’s Learning Pick – 25 places to find instructional videos

Even more places to find videos. This time, with an instructional angle. Some overlap to the previous link, but another worthy resource.

My final video link, honest! How about a site that lets you stream US shows to other countries?  I’m guessing the legitimacy of the site is questionable, given that shows on US streaming sites won’t stream outside the US for a reason.  Yet here we are with all shows available to stream…Still, while the site’s up, it’ll help you catch up on episodes of your favourite shows.

Zen Habits – 12 Classic Zen Habits Posts You Might Not Have Read

Now you’ve watched billions of videos and marvelled at all that psychological wonder, I’ll leave you to pursue a journey toward peace, calm, less stress, and a steady flow of gentle relaxation.  Sound good?

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