You Are Remarkable

This week is Nightline Awareness Week (16-23 November).

Now, before you start shouting that there’s a week for just about anything these days, I think it’s important to mention Nightline.

Nightline is a support service, run by students, helping other students.  In times of difficulty, whatever the problem, however they feel, students can ring up and talk to other students on the end of the line who are happy to listen.  They don’t have the answers, but they are there to provide you with emotional support and a willingness to listen…no matter what it’s about.

Sometimes all a person needs is the chance to let out their emotions.  Being at university, you’re surrounded by so many other people, but you may still feel alone.  Nightline provides an anonymous service that gives you the chance to connect with someone, no matter what you want to talk about.  Don’t worry, you won’t be judged.

There are currently 33 participating Nightline members up and down the country, with more coming to the service soon.  If you want to find your Nightline, check their website for details.

How does it help to talk about problems and feelings? Student Mental Health Practitioner and Counsellor, Mark Goulborne, explains why here.  And he says something that every one of us should bear in mind as we go about our daily life:

Remember we are born with no expectations on us other than survival….every single additional thing we achieve is remarkable – not expected. You are remarkable.

That’s why it’s important to mention Nightline.  Universities are getting into the swing of things.  Nottingham is giving out free hugs, York has a quiz and is giving away freebies (like cake…always good!), and Sheffield is doing some Speed Dating!  It’s all good fun and worth celebrating the wonderful service that Nightline provides.

If you aren’t feeling remarkable and you want to speak, in confidence, about whatever you want to get off your chest, get in touch with your Nightline.