Artistic Merit?

Peter Mandelson has announced a new Higher Education blueprint, Higher Ambitions.


Among many measures, one thing Mandelson wants is greater funding and more priority given to science and technology subjects.

So…is it worth studying subjects in Arts and Humanities any more?

The Chronicle says “Just Don’t Go”.

Savvy Student says it “Isn’t Such a Bad Idea”.

What say you?

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  1. It is a difficult situation, without doubt a science based course like chemistry (which I do) is going to take more financial resources than an English degree, due to its hands on nature. Plus the fact fewer are studying sciences in comparison to other subjects. Therefore lectures are less cost effective. Does this make it right, that theoretically an English student is paying the same fees, to part fund my degree? Varying the fees paid for different courses or university will only harm educational diversity and the poor.

    Keeping all fees the same and allowing freedom of choice is the key. Admittedly some degrees may seem ‘soft’ to employers (and fellow students!). But everyone should do the degree they want to do, career options are part of that decision making process. No one should be pushed into a degree due to financial or political factors.

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