Create Your Own Luck

Over the last month or so, there was a lot of hype surrounding Derren Brown’s series ‘The Events‘.

While the series was thoroughly entertaining/annoying (delete as applicable), choosing lottery numbers or the correct number at roulette is very much a game of chance.

photo by conorwithonen

photo by conorwithonen

But there are many things you can do to create luck.  It won’t help you win the lottery, but it can give your life a real boost.  And when bad luck does come your way, a positive luck-searching attitude can turn your fortunes around pretty quickly.

I had a look for some links around the blogosphere about improving your luck by creating it yourself and found some great posts for you.

Of the four posts I’ve chosen, three mention a book by Dr Richard Wiseman, The Luck Factor.  Pretty good going!

  1. Alex Shalman – 10 Practical Ways To Make Your Own Luck
  2. Stepcase Lifehack – How To Be Lucky
  3. How To Have Great Self Confidence – Build Self Confidence by Being Lucky?
  4. Life Optimizer – A Simple Tip to Get Good Luck

As if that isn’t enough to chew on, here’s a bonus link for you to enjoy.  With more information from The Luck Factor, you can download The Complete Guide to Luck (9.4Mb PDF).  The PDF has worksheets and lists to help you create as much luck as possible.

All that’s left to say is, er, good luck!

photo by Jason Nicholls

photo by Jason Nicholls


  1. The simplest, easiest way to create more luck, in my experience, is to create and seize more opportunity. People who are “lucky” don’t have some magical power that you don’t have, they just seize more opportunities, and therefor statistically are bound to come upon more positivity than you are…

    Seize the day!

  2. Very true. I’ve heard entrepreneurs who say that they don’t succeed more than others, but they’re willing to fail more than others. In the mix of the failures they manage to succeed a number of times and focus on those successes to drive them further forward.

    If you don’t try…

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