Tumblelog EduLinks

Here is the first set of the best links from TheUniversityBlog Tumblelog.  If you don’t read it or subscribe to its feed, now is the chance to see what I’ve been recommending.  If you do read it, let me remind you… 🙂

Clearing 2009 – Helpful Links

Recent information to help with the upcoming clearing process.  I’m sure there will be more articles popping up around the start of clearing later this month.

The Independent – Student Banking

Looking to pick a student bank account that’s best for you?  This article in The Independent is a good starting point for some of the deals this year, including best overdrafts and freebies.  It also warns about some of the problems you might face.

MoneySavingExpert – Top Graduate Accounts 2009/10

So graduates don’t feel left out, this banking article is for you.  The always helpful MoneySavingExpert site gives you the lowdown on all you need to know.

Helping Graduates Into Work

Mayor of London site packed with advice, links and information for graduates.  Suggesting what you can do with your degree, where to go when looking at a specific career, how to go about applying for jobs, what job boards to check out for London, which careers events are coming up, and what further studying opportunities are available.  Quite simple to navigate and use.

Lifehacker – How to Highlight Text Like a Keyboard Ninja

Insanely helpful tips on highlighting text.  Speeds up the process a lot of the time.

Scientific American – Why is it hard to “unlearn” an incorrect fact?

Discussing ‘proactive interference’ and how to retrain your brain.

New York Times – The Compliment Guy

Whatever the weather, Brett Westcott would go on campus at Purdue University and give free compliments to anyone passing by.  He says:

“I have already experienced the life-changing truth that one person can change the culture for the better. Life does not get much more fulfilling than that.”


Virtual Learning Suite (Intute)

Tutorials to help you get the most out of your degree subject.  Full of good resources and links.

MakeUseOf – 6 Less Known Free Online Word Processors

…with links to the better known free online word processors too.  Something for everyone here.  For those who don’t want distraction while writing, looks like DarkCopy and Writer would probably help.

Intelligent Life – Is Google Killing General Knowledge

A fantastic article.  I mentioned one quote on the Tumblelog, but the whole piece is worth reading:

“A Google search, once you have keyed the words in, takes a broadband user less than a second, and the process will only get quicker. As for those laborious keystrokes, voice-recognition technology will enable us to bypass them. And soon pretty well everybody, from schoolchildren to drinkers in pubs, will be online pretty well all of the time. In that context, perhaps there is no longer any point in keeping facts in our heads. If you want to know who wrote “Skellig”, or whether Norway is a member of the European Union, or what Cary Grant’s real name was, you ask your laptop or your phone.”