EduLinks – New Media, Web 2.0…oh, and some kitchen aid

Time for another set of EduLinks.  Happy reading!


Scientific American Blog – Online vs. print reading

Talking of reading, it makes a difference how you consume the text.  Online reading can be very different to taking in the printed word.

New Scientist – Don’t believe everything you read online

New Scientist raises a good point about using the Internet for research and education.  Even books can print mistakes, but anything can be published on the Internet, so there’s a greater chance that what you read isn’t necessarily correct.  Funnily enough, someone has commented on the New Scientist website that even the article isn’t quite right…and that got published in the magazine.  Consider it a warning when you research…It’s enough to make anyone’s head hurt.

Obama’s Inauguration

It’s all happening today.  If you want to follow Obama’s Inauguration in Web 2.0 fashion, Intute have some of the lowdown in a few posts.  There’s a lot going on…

SFGate – Kitchen techniques you need to learn

What a fantastic resource.  Text, videos, easy to follow guidelines.  This set of 10 techniques has it all.  From dicing an onion to rolling out pie crust, from making a pan sauce to making vinaigrette.  There are even some recipes at the end.  It’ll make life in the kitchen a lot easier.  Thanks to Ben Casnocha, as I found this link through his Delicious bookmarks feed.

Knowledge @ Emory – The art of making quality decisions

We’re not so independent as we’d like to make out.  The way we perceive data can heavily influence our decision making.

To make matters even more confusing, your friends, your friends’ friends, and your friends’ friends’ friends can affect your mood and your subsequent actions and decisions.

Be careful!

Daniel Tammet – Autistic Savant:

Daniel Tammet shares some of his methods for learning.  It provides an insight on how the mind can work and associate.  Some people have commented that the methods aren’t necessarily suitable for everyone, but I did enjoy reading how Daniel interacts with information.

BPS Research Digest – Slumber quality important for learning

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t top of the list of priorities for most students.  Getting enough (whatever ‘enough’ means) is all that usually matters.  But quality sleep does matter, as a recent report suggests.  The British Psychological Society Research Digest Blog has more info.  Are you willing to risk having a bad night’s sleep?

Happy 800th Birthday Cambridge!

Bless! You don’t look a day over 200…

Music Ally – Future of music – Nine Inch Nails

Chances are you’re happy to download some of your music illegally.  Some of you may not even own any CDs.  I’m sure some of you may not even realise what you’re doing isn’t allowed.  And even that’s a grey area!  Confusing, eh?  Times have changed and not everyone has embraced the changes.  The band Nine Inch Nails seem to have welcomed the changes and still made loads of money despite making their music freely available.  While other bands (most famously Radiohead) have done this type of thing in the recent past, it looks like Nine Inch Nails took the game to a whole new level.

How To Say I Love You (YouTube video)

Congratulations to Hayley Stuart and Francesca Sophia at Manchester Metropolitan University for their short film that’s getting millions of views on YouTube.

“How To Say I Love You” has received well over 1.5 million views and over 6,000 comments online.  According to YouTube, Hayley and Francesca have the fifth most viewed videos this month and are in the Top 100 most subscribed directors of all time.  That’s pretty good going.  Keep up the great work!

The Independent – Student Accommodation: The Answers

Sorting out accommodation both on and off campus is sometimes easy, other times a nightmare.  The Independent helpfully eases you into the process and answers some common questions from students around the country.

Jennifr – There is more to New Media than Facebook

Jay Jay rightly points out that Facebook alone is not enough for organising events and creating complete connections.  True clarity and organisation can only be achieved by using a broader range of tools.

Facebook is just a tool, like all the other social network services and new media functions.  Using a combination of these tools effectively allows the best results.  Jay Jay demonstrates her mastering of MSPaint (don’t mess with her, I warn you) and shows us the use of a ‘Hub’ to connect people properly.  Now we need to find a way of aggregating the data properly and getting everyone to use all the services in a happy hub.

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