TheUniversityBlog a year ago – November 2007

Essays, teamwork, spelling and study mistakes.  They all had a place a year ago on TheUniversityBlog.  Here’s my pick of the highlights from November 2007:

10 Commonly Misspelled Words & My Mad Memory Techniques

I have some strange ways of remembering how to spell certain words.  Still, I hope they help someone else out there!

Why Your Essay Is Still Useful & Important After Handing It In

You (should have) put a lot of work in that last essay.  Rather than file the paper away, never to be seen again, why not get some more use from it?  Make your hard work go a bit further.

jump (photo by gozdeo)

Rehaul Your Standard University Day

You need to take control of your life at university.  Nobody else is going to do it for you.  Among the nuggets of advice here is, “Don’t attempt to do everything”.  While I only make a brief plea to enjoy a limited schedule, it looks like Cal over at Study Hacks is writing a whole book on the matter.  Good man!

Working With Others: Turning a ‘Group’ Into a Grade Winning ‘Team’

A lengthy article here.  Essentially, it’s a two-parter that first concentrates on the selection of a team, then goes on to explain how it can shine.  If you’re due for any groupwork soon, read this and move up a gear to ‘teamwork’.

Study traps short series:

We all make mistakes.  Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re making them.  Are you doing any of the things mentioned in these articles?

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