TheUniversityBlog a year ago: September 2007

TheUniversityBlog has now been around for over a year.  This weekend saw the site through to its First Birthday.  Ahh!

For those of you who haven’t been with it from the start, here are a few links from September last year for you to devour:

How To Win Freshers & Influence Students…Ten ways to improve your social clout – Breaking the ice and getting involved.  How to start making an impact from the moment you arrive on campus.

Settle in, Enjoy, Make the most of it – Getting in the groove as soon as possible.  You’re in for the long haul!

7 tips to top sleep, 3 tips for staying awake – By far the most visited and read post on this website.  Students need sleep just as much as anyone.  But when you stay up until the early hours of the morning and have a lecture scheduled in just a few hour’s time, you need every moment of sleep to be optimal. Then you need to get yourself up with a spark!

Writing Essays: Don’t Fool Yourself – Think it’s worth leaving your essays until the last minute?  Think again.  Far from being a good way of operating, you’d actually be in a better position if you started as soon as you were given the assignment.

Happy reading!


  1. it has been a year already? Wow! Happy anniversary for your blog! It has been a great and helpful blog for a lot of us… 😀

  2. Congratulations for your blog being a year old. There is nothing like reflecting back on a long journey of writing for your readers and for the benefit of yourself! Again, Congratulations!

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