60 years of digital computers…what would we do without them?

Today is Digital 60 Day, celebrating 60 years since the birth of the world’s first stored program digital computer.  The computer was designed and built at The University of Manchester and it executed its first program on June 21st, 1948.

The computer was called ‘The Baby’ and was the forerunner of the technological computer advances that we take for granted in gadgets today.

In Manchester, a live demonstration of ‘The Baby’ will take place and is being broadcast over the Internet.

I might not have been around for ‘The Baby’, 60 years ago, but I do have fond memories of the computers I used as a kid (photos of the ZX Spectrum 48K and Amiga 500 are below).  Those were the days.  And all those games consoles too.  Good times.  Thanks Manchester.

Digital 60 Day links:

ZX Spectrum (photo by BlogDeManu)


Amiga 500 (photo by Ian Nock)


  1. I couldn’t either, pelf. However, some writers are turning back the clock and ditching their computers for typewriters, or pen and paper. That’s partially where I got my inspiration for in my post about writing. Another interesting post about this is on Prospect Magazine’s blog, First Drafts:


    I’m going to stick to the computer screen. Luckily, I don’t feel under pressure when faced with a blank screen. Unluckily, it means I often spout a load of rubbish! 😉

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