Making a drunk person awake

I just read a fantastically simple description of what happens when people mix alcohol and energy drinks:

“Basically what it’s doing is making a drunk person awake.”

That’s from Red Bulls and Risky Behaviour, over at Inside Higher Ed.

Funnily enough, the most adverse reactions I’ve seen from drinking Red Bull and the like have been from people who weren’t drinking alcohol.  Strange, but true.

And as I write this, I’ve just spotted a Mini with a massive Red Bull can on the roof.

I feel like this is all a strange dream.  Luckily, flickr users appear to have spotted these Mini vehicles too…

Red Bull Mini (photo by Mikey G Ottawa)

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  1. Hehe yeah it’s not a strange dream those Redbull cars seem to be everywhere, in Cardiff there was a VW Beatle with a red bull can, now there is a mini.

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