More scope for linking up?

I saw an article on the This Is Exeter website, “University link makes waves in education“.  Students from Exmouth (University of Plymouth) and York have come together on a project for Education Studies.

I wonder why universities don’t collaborate more often.  It’s always felt like an exciting prospect to me.  So it was great to hear that students from different universities had joined forces, resulting in a book entitled “Making Waves in Education”.  It will be available to Plymouth and York university libraries, as well as online as an e-journal for students at other universities to read.

Your own university is probably a huge enough resource, without wanting to look to other unis for collaborative links.  But if you have a specific focus and you can’t find what (or who) you need within the walls of your own institution, it’s worth remembering that there are many thousands of students and academics across the country who may want to get together on a project.

Who knows, it could prove the beginning of a beautiful friendship…


  1. I believe that linking up with students from other universities is important, but perhaps not that important to the individual rather than important to creating education an important part of our society.

  2. It probably depends on the individual and if they can achieve a goal without looking outside their own institution. If they do need to look beyond, greater provision should be given to expand communication between universities, right to the point of collaborating on projects, if necessary.

    Many of us have friends at different unis, studying similar courses, but we often fail to take that networking opportunity further. I think it’s even easier to consider this now social networking is so rife.

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