EduLinks – Language, Abstracts, Illusions, Feedback



[Language should evolve.  But not through simplification or confusion.  You may have heard a lot of the examples before, but they’re worth revisiting once in a while.  And I love what Virginia Woolf had to say about the English language.]

2. (NUS) – The Great NUS Feedback Amnesty

[What quality of assessment feedback do you receive from your tutors?  Do you agree that it’s failing in areas, or are you satisfied with what you’ve been given?  Do your lecturers greet you with open arms, or hide behind a locked door?]

3. Open Culture:

[Yet more free courses and lectures on a wide variety of subjects.  A good selection compiled by Open Culture.]

4. New Scientist – Five great auditory illusions

[From this week’s special ‘Music’ edition of New Scientist.  My local newsagents had sold out of it.  Sniff!  Time to read via the uni’s subscriptions online.  Yay!]

5. – How to Write Abstracts

[Not all students need worry about abstracts.  When it’s required, however, it’s best to do it well, and the process isn’t as easy as it looks.  But it will feel a lot easier if you follow the advice on StudentHacks.]

6. – 30+ Online Resources to Expand your English Vocabulary

[I may use some of these sites to continue making ‘small steps‘.]