EduLinks – Free Software, Free Education, Free Advice


1a. Microsoft Dreamspark

1b. UK Higher Education Blog – Dreamspark: Free software for your students

1c. TechCrunch – Microsoft To Give Students Dev Software For Free

[Woo!  Free development software for students.  Visual Studio, Expression, Windows Server, lots of free stuff for you.]

2. Genius Types – The Key to Entrepreneurial Success is Balancing Business and Creativity

[The left and right sides of the brain deal with different aspects of your life.  It’s said that people are dominant in one side or the other.  This article puts the left and right brains in the context of entrepreneurial thought and bahaviour.  You’ve got it in you, but it’s time to work out what ‘it’ really means for you as an individual.]

3. EduCause – Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0 [PDF File]

[Learning is changing.  Gone are the restrictions and limits that have held us back in the past.  In most things, if we want to do it, we can do it however it suits us, wherever we want, and whenever we like.  Through enormous resources on the web, greater connectivity, and contact with all sorts of helpful souls, we can work together and function positively for the future.]

4. Dustin Wax – Best Practice for Students: Ideas vs Formatting in Essays

[Dustin Wax, writer on, has written a piece on his own blog that all students should read.  I’d never thought much about this myself, but upon reading it, I’m pretty sure Dustin is spot on.  We need to stop worrying about how well an essay is presented and start thinking about the best possible ideas for the grades.]

5. Guardian – A little blog abuse is worth it for a lot of discourse

[Not that long ago, we used to surf the net.  Now we’re engineering the waves…]

6. Daily Mail – Universities urged: Ban the freshers’ week booze ups

[There are other ways to consume alcohol.  It’s not just going to be down the student union…!]

7. Complete Your Dissertation – Reading, Writing and Rest Days:

[While it’s not how I did it, I can see how the method of reading, writing, and resting on different days will work for some students.  As usual, there’s no answer, just whatever works best for you.]

8. The iPod Hacker – 100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

[Podcasts and lectures and notes.  Oh my!]