EduLinks – Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Legs (oh, and productivity tips…)


1. Goldsmiths College – Problem solved: just keep an ‘open mind’…

[An open mind seems to help you find clues and make good use of them.  So let’s see no more negative mind-blocks please!]

2. Hack Your Day – Correcting bad habits

[The article’s right, we do all have bad habits.  So the first step to getting rid of as many as possible is to read this article!]

3. Independent – Against the Grain: ‘Students need to feel valued and trusted’

[Amen to this.  If a tutor can show an emotional drive toward their subject, it can draw students in more.  Interacting with students and showing enthusiasm toward questions make the experience so much better.  I hope you’ve got at least one lecturer who fits this box.  I was lucky enough to experience some better tutors and it certainly makes a big difference when they engage with students.]

4. BBC News – Graduate vacancies up, says study

[Good news for those graduating this year.]

5. Dumb Little Man – Improve Your ‘Hunched over the PC’ Posture

[While I always try to sit correctly, I was very happy to find this article.  Stretching is necessary and I look forward to doing some of these.  If other people are around at the time, it might give them a laugh too.]

6. – How to Conclude an Essay Exam in 5 Minutes

[I never liked the final paragraph stating “In conclusion,” either.  Here’s to stronger endings to all!]

7. Times Higher Education – Champion of students back to set agenda

[Maeve Sherlock, heading up the new National Student Forum, didn’t worry too much about getting a good degree.  That was back in 1981 and she realises that things are different now.  She does have a point, but I still say there’s a lot in the extra-curricular activities at uni that can overshadow whether you get a 2:2 or a First.  It’s about that B-word again…Balance.]

8. GearFire: Tips for Students – 4 tips for reading better and retaining more

[I love the tip “Read with a purpose”.  If you don’t have a reason beyond “I was told to read it,” it’s unlikely the reading will be wonderfully productive.]

9. Daily Mail – Students with more sexual partners get worst results, reveals Cambridge study

[A bit silly, because it doesn’t explain why the worse results occur.  One person commenting below the article thinks it could have something to do with going out more (finding more partners) and drinking more (less inhibitions).  Still, it’s very difficult to read your textbooks or write essays when you’re in the middle of sex.]

10. Telegraph – Just what kind of lover are you?

[And while we’re on the subject (kind of), here’s news of an online relationship test.  How and why do we love?  Are men or women more romantic?  Take part at and results should be announced by Valentine’s Day.  Ahhh!]