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1. More Intelligent Life – The Perils of Popularising Science

[To be accurate, or to simplify to the point of distraction?  This entertaining article is a joy to read.  And you’ve got to love a piece of writing that ends:

“an unfortunate fact of life in disciplines where so little is known with any certainty: often the rewards for winning arguments are much greater than the rewards for being right.”]

2. Write to Done – with the legendary man who brings us Zen Habits

[Leo Babauta does it again.  As well as announcing a book deal, Leo has started a new blog about “the craft and the art of writing”.  I suggest you check out these current articles, as they may help get you in the mood for writing those essays:

Edit to Done: Revision and the Art of Being Concise

How to Write First Thing in the Morning

10 Steps to Create the Habit of Writing

How to Write Without Distractions

The very best of luck to Leo in all his ventures.]

3. Independent {Music} – Class of 2008

[25 indie acts looking likely to make it big (or bigger) very soon.  I’m ashamed I only knew 11 out of the 25 artists.  Anyway, keep an eye out for gigs near you while they’re getting established.]

4. BBC News – Student bursaries ‘go unclaimed’

[Madness.  “…the current system is failing to deliver…”]

5. – The Ultimate Student Resource List

[Clearly one to bookmark, this massive collection contains free applications, online tools, websites for students (including this one…shucks!), previous student related articles from Lifehack, and online research resources.]

6. Britannica Blog – How to Encyclopediate

[Infinity isn’t welcome in an encyclopedia…]