EduLinks – Positive & Negative, Concentrate & Procrastinate, To Google & Not To Google


1. Mindful Ink – Me, Me, Me: Find Your Voice and Make it Shout

Self-promotion time!  I wrote a guest post for Gideon’s wonderful blog, Mindful Ink.  A lot of development and productivity can come directly from you.  It’s time to see if you can unearth that inner-goodness!

2. Happy Brain Storming – How to figure people out

One huge article that outlines different character traits in people and how you can read them to your advantage. All traits, good and bad, make a difference to the way we see the world. In tapping into what makes a person tick, a lot more can be discovered. I found this link through Lifehacker.

3. College Students Rule! – 7 Ways To Recover From Your First “F” This Semester

Fantastic advice to get you back on track if you ever get a bad grade. You owe it to yourself to pick yourself up, be honest, and do all you can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Now, be truthful, were you really trying your best…?

4. Tal Ben-Shahar – Positive Psychology

Tal Ben-Shahar has been referred to as the bridge between self-help books and academia.  Check out some of his tips and articles here.

5. Fruitful Time – How to Concentrate

More tips on closing all distractions out of your mind.

6. Education Guardian Weekly – Tara Brabazon: Bowling Google a googly

Fascinating interview.  It’s clear that Google is used more than scholarly textbooks by some students, but I don’t know to what extent this happens.  I still see people using the library and studying with textbooks, but maybe a lot of extended research is being lost to simple searches over the Internet.

I like some of the ideas Tara Brabazon is using, and I understand why she’s championing them.  However, in asking students to exclusively use the references she has chosen, that can be just as stifling as only using info from Google.  Either way, the transition between school/college and uni is a strange one that Brabazon is looking to tackle, and I think she’s doing a good job.

7. Ian’s Messy Desk – 22 Annoying Things to do in an Elevator

This caught me as very funny. I went back to it later and still found it funny. I also noticed a few things that I’d done before. Like 5. And 7. And 8. And 9. And…well, quite a lot of them. I’m just a big kid really.

8. Telegraph – How safe are your daily supplements?

Everything seems to be good one day, terrible the next. No wonder we end up making our own decisions on so many things! I take vitamin and mineral supplements (point 9 in my Healthy Hits post), and I’m aware that studies are just as likely to question their benefits, but I’m going to stick with them for now.  Anyway, here’s another article for you to consider…

9. University of Nottingham – U-Now Open Courseware

Yay! More free learning tools. There seems to be more out there with every new day that passes!

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  1. Martin.
    First off…thanks for highlighting the article from CollegeStudentsRule! A little link love is always welcome and a great thing for a new website just getting off the ground.

    Second…as much as I appreciate a good intellectual read – the annoying things to do in an elevator – is a great list. Laughed out loud most of the day thinking about that one. Appreciate you sharing it with your readers.

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