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It’s been a while since the last regular dose of EduLinks. While Tuesday’s post has surely given you a lot to think about, I thought it best to catch up with some links of note over the last few weeks. Then I’ll be nearly up to date.


EduLinkz – 13 Tips to sap your butterflies when speaking in public (Scott Young)

Even when you’ve written a presentation or talk that’s world class, it can only be communicated strongly with a clear focus on the day.  Scott Young advises on how to get rid of those worries and butterflies that could trip you up. – How to use a todo list to make 2008 your best year ever (Dustin Wax)

I love todo lists.  I know how beneficial they can be.  My wife writes lists all the time.  I wish I made these lists more often than I already do.

If you aren’t doing this yet, read Dustin’s article and make a point of changing.  You know it makes sense!

HERO – Students break fundraising record – again!

Well done to the University of Nottingham for raising fantastic amounts during their RAG festivities last month.

Chronicle of Higher Education – Who needs a dorm during finals? Everything a student needs is in the library

I love it.  This guy lived in a library to prove he didn’t need a dorm to survive…all in order to win first pick on a snazzy penthouse dorm!

The sheer contradiction is so good that I hope he does win!

Chronicle of Higher Education – Generation Y Reports Greater Library Use Then Older Groups

Yes, Gen-Y peeps use the library more than expected.  Although not necessarily to take out books…if the article above is anything to go by, maybe Gen-Y use libraries to live in!

Improving Your World: Relationships – The key to communication in friendships

Even with our best friends, we don’t always see eye to eye.  These tips help you to develop your relationships, even if you don’t always agree.

Life Learning Today – A Powerful Way to Strengthen Your Relationship

More techniques and tips to build relationships.

Make Use Of – Best Articles

I only recently found out about ‘Make Use Of’.  There’s a lot going on with the site and you’re bound to find something of interest there.  I’ve linked their Best Articles page, which also suggests you join their subscribers list.  I suggest you do it too.

Education Guardian – Ministers encourage more teens to apply for university

Yes, come to university.  We don’t bite…mwah-ha-ha-ha-HA-HA-HAHAHAHA!


Times Higher Education – Feedback must be top priority

In a nutshell, students generally like their courses, but they want better quality feedback on the work that they do.  The article explains all.

UPDATE: The Times Higher Education has revamped itself.  While it’s not exactly aimed at students, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.  The latest edition, out today in the new revamped form in print and online, is worth a quick look.  Here are a few articles of note:

Smashing Magazine – Innovative Designs and Devices

This feature is called ‘Monday Inspiration’.  The great ideas showcased in the post are pretty inspirational.  And while you’re getting inspired, you can drool over some of the great gadgety goodness.

Academic Productivity – How to complete your PhD (or any large project): Hard and soft deadlines, and the Martini Method

Don’t leave things to the last minute and give yourself a treat for reaching a target.  Oh yes, and read this article, whether or not you’re doing a PhD.

Study Hacks – How to Read Hard Readings

Might half your reading be in a different language for all the info you’re getting from it?  Would you like to start understanding more about the stuff you’re reading?  If you’re encountering any difficulties with what you’ve been set to read, get the help from Study Hacks to master those papers, no matter how complicated they may seem.

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  1. Concerning “Academic Productivity – How to complete your PhD” — I have completed my M.Sc. and I have definitely acquired my own set of almost-fool-proof skills to survive my Ph.D.!

    For example, things like not doing everything last minute, or things like taking down notes ALL the time so that you would have no problem remember any observations, or things like setting up a flexible and practical timetable when writing thesis, I could go on and on 😀

    But thanks for the links, will go through them 😀

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