EduLinks – 10 “Best of 2007” Links

Who needs books when you’ve got so much quality information online?

After posting my own top links from 2007, here are 10 more sites offering their best stuff from last year. Each blog has a slightly different focus, so this lot should keep you going for ages!

1. Zen Habits – Best of Zen Habits in 2007

From 2 readers to 26,000 subscribers (and goodness knows how many more readers!), Zen Habits is a real success story. Leo’s articles should help you on the way to life success too.

2. Mashable – 2007 in Review: Best of the Best

All the best online news and stories wrapped up in an easy package.

3. How to be an Original – In 2007

Goals, development, making the most of your life. Lodewijk’s blog has gone from strength to strength since it started earlier in 2007.

4. Inspiration Bit – Best Inspiration Bits in 2007

For inspiration, ideas, design tips and a lot more. Find something new and interesting here today.

5. Organize IT – Year in Review 2007

Putting life hacks and personal development to use straight away.

6. Life Optimizer – 2007 Review: The Best of Life Optimizer

‘Life’ is quite a broad subject. The posts linked here refer to all sorts of things, from staying calm to being excited, from individual time management to spending all your time with others.

7. – Year in Review: The 70 Best Lifehacks of 2007

One of the best. How could you NOT know about this site? Well, if you want a recap of some of the best posts from 2007, neatly put into subject headings, this is the place to check out.

8. Online Tech Tips – Best Posts for 2007

Make your computer and the internet work even better for you.

9. Get Rich Slowly – Greatest Hits 2007 Edition

Money matters greatly to students because, frankly, most of us don’t have enough of it! While this site speaks in American money, there’s still more than enough that would be relevant for you in the UK.

10. Life Coaches Blog – Best of 2007

“Strategies for a Greater Life” is what they say at Life Coaches Blog. In two parts, this series of posts deals with complimenting people, seducing women, leaking power, being happy alone, the science of happiness, and a wealth of sometimes quirky, yet wildly useful subjects.


I’m sure you won’t get close to reading all the articles from all the blogs…but if you try, I’d love to hear how you managed!


  1. Hi Martin. Thanks so much for the link love. How many of those articles have you managed to read so far? 😉
    I think we still need books, but with all that online information overload we have much less time for books than we used to – that’s for sure.

  2. I’ve got a long way to go before I’ve read everything! I’m going to do my best, though.

    But I can cheat, because I’ve read some of the posts already. Mainly because I subscribe to the feeds and try to keep up to date. It can be difficult with so many great sites out there!

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