EduLinks – Advice, Alcohol, Accounts

Just one more regular EduLinks to go before Christmas/New Year.  Time flies, doesn’t it? – Advice for college graduates

[Following on from the previous EduLink, this post sums up all the advice given by readers to Lifehack.  The main tip in this post is NETWORK!  To be honest, it’s a tip you really need to use.]

College Scholarships Blog – 6 Things to Remember When Cramming for Finals

[That’s right, it’s revision time.  We know that all too well at TheUniversityBlog.  This link will give yet more help on getting the most from the work.]

Academic Commons – Special Issue

[I haven’t read this, but I’m determined to make this some Christmas reading of mine.  I thought I’d share the link, because it sounds interesting.  A special edition of Academic Commons, devoted to Cyberinfrastructure and the Liberal Arts.  Many articles, lots of reading, might be interesting to you too.]

Litemind – Five Reasons to Collect Favorite Quotes

Litemind – 6 Tips to Generate Outstanding Ideas

[A new blog that I found a few days ago.  I thought I’d provide a couple of worthwhile links.  If you’ve not read the blog before, I suggest you give them a look.  Both links above are helpful for creating ideas, expanding your creativity, and opening your mind.]

Telegraph – Are you drinking too much? // Millions more classed as danger drinkers

[Larger measures, stronger wines…they make it sound like we’ve never had it so good.  But when we don’t realise how much we’re drinking…hic!  No wonder some people get drunk on just one or two drinks!]

Officer Online – Money makes the world go around

[The financial position of the NUS and how the NUS is looking to change for the better.  Interesting to have an understanding of where the Union is going and how it’s been working.]

Study Hacks – The Most Important Paper Research Advice You’ve Never Heard

[If you’re seriously ready to work toward an essay that’s not good, but GREAT, you’d be wise to follow the tips Cal describes in his post.  Work like this and you’ll be well on the way to supreme quality.]

Independent – Universities can inspire the young

[Teeside is making its mark and letting young people know about it.  Their outreach attempts sound promising.  Let’s all shout from the rooftops how fantastic and beneficial university really can be!]