EduLinks – About time too…

Yes, it’s been a while. Here are some good old EduLinks to keep you going. Happy reading!

Time – 50 Top 10 Lists of 2007

[Lots of American focus, as you’d imagine, but I’m a sucker for this kind of thing.]

Open Culture – 28 Podcasts That Will Teach You French, German, Italian & Spanish

[To get the most out of learning a language, get used to listening to the language. While it’s great to listen to radio stations and watch TV shows over the net, Open Culture have put together a load of audio learning podcasts. After listening to these, you’ll be more than happy to listen to the radio in whichever language you’ve wanted to learn.]

Jonathan Fields: Awake @ The Wheel – Top 10 ways to un-bake your brain

[My ‘Enjoy your study more’ article on Tuesday mentioned some similar ideas. As this article explains, life can make us feel a bit low and unhappy. So whether or not you’re studying, there’s always reason to enjoy yourself.]

Chronicle of Higher Education – Yale Uni Puts Complete Courses Online

[There’s so much available to students now. If you want to go that little bit further in your study, you’re spoilt for choice. Now Yale has put up some of their courses for anyone that’s interested. Astronomy, English, Religious Studies, and lots of subjects beginning with the letter ‘P’…something for everyone hopefully!] – We Ask, You Answer: Advice for Recent Grads

[Readers of Lifehack offer their ideas and advice to graduates on how to work the future to the max.]

The Road Map – How to Start a Conversation in 10 Easy Ways

[For Freshers, it’s now been well over 2 months of getting installed into the university way. Enjoying yourselves? I hope so. Even well into your degree, it’s still necessary to speak to new people and get involved in conversations. That can be quite intimidating sometimes. The Road Map offers some tips to getting the most out of new conversations and beefing up your confidence when going about it.]

The M.A.P. Maker – 25 articles on networking for shy people

[Moving on from starting conversations, university is a great place for networking. Make sure you go beyond networking with just students. Network with as many people as you can. Even if you’re shy and couldn’t imagine much networking, you MUST be able to find a few pearls of wisdom from this mammoth list of articles.]

Online Tech Tips – Web sites that work offline thanks to Google Gears

[One of the next big things tipped to make a difference to our lives is the ability to use online tools while you’re offline. Back in the day when the Internet was related more to bulletin boards than the World Wide Web, I would download all my messages and forums from a slow dial-up modem and reply to everything offline. Once I’d finished, I’d log back on and upload my responses. The offline way gives us much more flexibility. Well, that’s the idea anyway.]

New York Times Magazine – Year In Ideas Magazine

[If nothing else, this will get your mind whizzing in all sorts of directions. Let it wander for a while. Who knows where it might take you?]

Improving Your World: Relationships – Tips for improving communication with family and friends

[In a nutshell, stop looking internally and start listening to and understanding others. But if you want to delve a little deeper than that, there’s plenty of help in this article.]

Life Optimizer – The 80/20 Principle: 11 Ways to Boost Your Life

[A fab post. Although the focus is on general life, it’s a good student checklist too. I could have done with some of these thoughts when I was a student myself…]

Study Hacks – 25 Articles Every Student Should Read

[While Cal is on holiday (lucky thing!), he’s highlighted some writing that will ‘change the way you think about being a student’. He’s very kindly recommended one of my recent articles too, bless ‘im! So if today’s EduLinks aren’t enough and you’ve missed my regular dose of linkageness, this list should be more than enough. You’ve never had it so good!]

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