EduLinks – Presentations, Conversations, Reinventions

Today’s links include a number that I wanted in Thursday’s missing links.  So you’re not missing out! 

1. Signal vs. Noise – Presentation Tip: Talk first, write second

[When it comes to presentations, you may find your muse somewhere other than through the keyboard or pen & paper.  Get speaking, because that is what you’ll be doing in the end anyway!]

2. – Why You Should Talk to Yourself After Studying

[By the looks of the two links above, chatting is a key to most of what you do!  How lucky is that?  Well, explains why our voice can help us retain the information we want to keep in those fickle brains of ours.]

3. Getting Things Done in Academia – Cookbook for a Great Presentation

[More on presentations.  Here, you get a very basic plan of what you need to focus on to put in a brilliant performance.]

4. Escape From Cubicle Nation – Addictive list of common errors in English

[In case you want to know more after my bonkers post.]

5. PickTheBrain – 5 Survival Tips for Difficult Conversations

[We’ve all been there.  No need for it to happen again now…]

6. Intelligent Life – The Professors of Promposity

[Gravitas – can be pronounced gravit-arse or gravit-ass…up to you.  Still the same thing by the sounds of it.]

7. – The Cure for Writer’s Block: 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Brain

[A great list here.  Even if you’re managing a partial flow for your essays, it’s still worth checking this to get a boost to full speed.]

8. Guardian Education – I Think, Therefore I Earn

[Are you studying Philosophy?  If so, well done.  When you have finished, please move on to do whatever you like.]

9. Eyes and Vision – A “Psychological” Optical Illusion

[Explains how different cultures may see a particular picture.  When you begin to understand how to look at things differently, it can really start to open your mind and the possibilities.  Try to see the picture in different ways and really believe in it.  Seriously, it’ll send your mind all over the place.]

10. Independent – Lost in cyberspace: a world without Google

[An article about using StumbleUpon and nothing else.  Includes various interesting site links too.]

11. Boing Boing – Memories processed seven times faster than reality

[Enjoyed your night out?  Want to tell people about everything that happened from start to finish?  For each hour of time you want to explain, it’ll take about 8-10 minutes.  But don’t worry, you won’t have missed anything out anyway!]

12. Ririan Project – Eight Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Goal Setting

[Short term or long term…follow this and get it right.]

13. Guardian – Don’t try to reinvent the web

[The first of a trio of Guardian links.  Magazines need to embrace the Internet and some do it more successfully than others.  This article looks at what the clever ones do.]

14. Guardian – A taste of new talent

[Use the web as a supplement, not an alternative…]

15. Guardian – How to be a student: The art of reading

[Including how to work a ‘book’.  You know, that thing we used to look at before computer screens came along.]