EduLinks – Tuesday 13 November

Due to illness (cough, splutter, sneeze, etc.), I’ve not finished the EduLinks post, but it’s mainly there, so hopefully there’s enough here for you to be getting on with:

Unclutterer – Zoom Room Bed

I wish my student room had been like this. Okay, so it looks slightly too executive for a student, but it would have been an improvement.

I’m probably such a snob. To be fair, my rooms at the wonderful Winchester were pretty good for student rooms. That probably had something to do with the fact I was in about the second year of students to frequent the rooms. Hardly any time for TOO much damage to have been done.

Still, a bedroom that you can turn into a hardcore lounging and study room? Alright, I’ll drop it now. It’s not going to happen, is it?

Ririan Project – Top 10 Ways to Ruin Your Night

Didn’t get enough from my post on getting to sleep? Here’s a brilliant post over at Ririan Project. It overlaps in some places, but there are so many other great ideas that you’ll need it if you’re trying to improve your sleeping habits.

University of Bath – Student Enterprise’07

Student Enterprise’07 Press Release @

Want to make money and ALSO be happy? It’s not as easy as it looks for many of the people with megabucks. I’m sure most of us would still like to have lots of money to do whatever we wish, but a lot depends on the mindset.

I like the idea of Student Enterprise’07 conference that’s at the University of Bath on 16 November (Friday). According to the links, the conference is for students to hear about forming ideas for starting companies and making them great. But one talk will be on how to get rich and stay happy at the same time. Gavin Eddy, speaking at the conference, says “The challenge when starting your own business is to be successful on your own terms”.

I wish students at the Uni of Bath (and any others who can make this conference) the very best of luck in their future business plans!

Education Guardian – ‘Beacons’ scheme to link universities with public

Universities to work with the public and take it seriously.

Apparently, academics who engage with the public in their research are not regarded as highly as their other peers. This idea is trying to put a stop to that.

Independent – Crime risk warning to users of social networking sites

I’m still amazed at how much information some students are willing to hand over to the public. I say ‘the public’, because there are many individual profiles out there, available for all to look at. In some cases it’ll be fairly revealing photos, while in others you’ll get full address details and when they’re next going on holiday, etc., etc.

People can now post photos of all their friends to social networking sites and make them available to anyone. And even if they only make it available to ‘friends’, that doesn’t mean the people in the photos are going to want those photos shared with others.

Telegraph – Blogs move into the UK mainstream

If you want to go beyond Facebook, MySpace, et al, then you could always start a blog like this one. Blogging’s all the rage in the UK now…

The Simple Dollar – How to Construct a Killer Resume From Start to Finish

If you’re taking steps to build up a sterling CV after my series of posts, this link provides some good advice on how to make your CV and applications shine.

Studenthacks – Group Study 101: How to Avoid Goofing Off

Looking at a very different set of thoughts to those in my ‘Working in Groups’ post yesterday, discusses studying in groups for exam revision and general work, as opposed to talks and presentations. One of my favourite suggestions in the article is “Discuss Class Notes”, because everyone should have a different perspective and open up the discussion somewhat. The more rounded and researched your arguments can be, the more chance you have of getting the pass you want.