EduLinks – Social networking, self loving, and improved thinking

1. The Guardian – Students tell universities: Get out of MySpace!

[Yes, everyone uses social networking sites.  University staff are frequenting them too.  Are the students happy?  Of course they aren’t!  As Jisc project manager, Lawrie Phipps says, “Students appear to want their cake and eat it”.  So will it be all one happy family, or will something have to budge?]


2. BBC News Magazine – The lost art of leftovers

 [It was recently announced that we throw away the equivalent of about every third bag of our shopping.  That’s madness, but I’m not too surprised.  The most dumped foods are:

  • bags of salad
  • fruit
  • bread
  • pasta
  • cheese

I can totally and utterly believe that.  I’ve been guilty of that in the past.  Not much now, but it can still happen.  Naughty us!]


3. Seth’s Blog – The Wikipedia Gap

[A different take on study.  Why can’t Wikipedia be used to get the facts fast?  What’s to say the information on Wikipedia is less accurate than from somewhere else?  While it would be madness to write a scholarly essay based only on Wikipedia, I think it’s great that we can all find out chunks of information on pretty much any topic we want.  Once we’ve consumed the basics, we can get down to the deeper academic insights.  Anyway, the post on Seth’s Blog is definitely one to cause controversy, so see what you think.]


4. Seth’s Blog – We accidentally marketed ourselves into a corner

[Another post from Seth.  While based on the American system, I still found myself recognising aspects of what he’s written.  Let’s just say it’s something to allow our minds to wander over.]


5. BBC – Productive Arguing

[When I was in the thick of things at uni, it was pretty standard to hear arguing all over the place. Lots of love too, of course, but arguments all the same. The BBC article has some good hints on helping things go a bit more smoothly. The main thing to remember is to choose your words carefully.]


6. Time – Facebook more popular than porn

[Nuff said. Some good background info on Facebook.]


7. We The Change – 7 Effective Ways to Implement Positive Thinking

[Pep yourself up and pep up others in turn. “Being positive is actually far more realistic than being negative.”]


8. Think Simple. Be Decisive – The Secret to Self Loving

[No, nothing rude. Unless you count a date with yourself as a bit risque. This article is all about making time for yourself. You know it makes sense.]


9. New York Times – Why Google Turned Into a Social Butterfly

[Google’s new attempt at a social networking web standard has its reasons. OpenSocial will keep things open for the search company, rather than hide social networkers behind closed doors. Major players in social networking are joining in the initiative, but Facebook isn’t. So what’s going to happen?]



10. Guardian – Upgraded A-Levels still fail campus test

[Seems a bit worrying. The article says that most students who fall into this problem don’t bother taking action because of the cost and time it takes. I don’t know how common this is or why it’s happening, but hopefully it won’t be a normal feature of the uni applications process…]


11. BBC News – Energy alcohol mixes ‘harm risk’

[Double Vodka Red Bull anyone?]


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