EduLinks – Tuesday 23 October

First up, three links to tie in with my current series on Pushing Toward Employment Nirvana:

1. PickTheBrain – How to Sell Yourself (and Why Your Career Depends On It)

[Me me me me me me, etc.]

2. – The Pmarca Guide to Career Planning: Part 0 / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

[Some very different ideas to those I’m setting out in my series of posts, mainly for people who have specific goals and are willing to work night and day to get what they want. But no matter what your position, give this a read for pearls of wisdom throughout.]

3. The Guardian – Universities get down to business

[Inviting employers to co-fund degree courses…something for you to think about. Times are changing. The article begins, “Even 10 years ago, the idea that academics from Cambridge would be offering workplace courses to ophthalmic dispensing assistants at Specsavers would have been about as likely as Lambrusco being served at high table.”]

Now some more of the usual random links:

4. The Guardian – David Oglethorpe: Too much to swallow

[Why local food isn’t necessarily the best. It might be good for local employment, but think twice before you think it’s best for the environment. It’s time to avoid ‘sweeping generalisations’.]

5. The Times – The healthiest choice for miles

[As the above story from the Guardian questions local food, this article in the Times asks if local shops really do offer benefits that the usual supermarkets don’t, with examples of various local shops and how they’ve worked in their communities.]

6. The Guardian – Sound the alarm

[The clocks are going back an hour on Sunday. Lack of sleep is bad enough amongst some students. How can you survive the time-shift without too much pain?]

7. The Times – Are you a sensory junkie or a nervous wreck?

[Find out if you’re happiest ‘seeking’, ‘sensing’, ‘bystanding’, or ‘avoiding’. A bit of a “we’re all different, but we’re all so similar” type of article.]

8. Economist – Social graph-iti

[Understanding the hype of social networks like Facebook and seeing how most of it is old-hat. A couple of interesting breakthroughs have made a difference and helped the hype hugely, but the articles argues, “No single company, therefore, can capture the social graph”. Take away the handful of interesting features and you might not be left with much to say.]

9. Time – Heroes Of the Environment Edition

[A special edition of Time. Lots of articles on the people who are making a difference (or are at least trying!).]