EduLinks – Thursday 18 October

Because Thursdays (and Tuesdays) are EduLink days.

1. Lifehacker – Top 10 Distraction Stoppers

[No matter how much we don’t want to procrastinate, there are just too many interruptions and diversions around us that want to lure us away into time-wasting heaven. Here are a few ways to beat the distractions away. You know you can do it!]

2. Perth Now – The Right Brain Vs Left Brain Test

[This is mental. According to New Scientist, this has nothing to do with right brain and left brain, but it’s really strange to watch. As well as making her turn around, see if you can slow her down or make her stay completely still. I haven’t managed to make her stop totally yet…]

3. BBC News – Students to be given own minister

[Putting students’ voices at the heart of government? Please don’t let it be a gimmick, please don’t let it be a gimmick, please don’t let it…]

4. Independent – Networking sites: Professors – Keep Out

[Lecturers say if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. What’s that? The students don’t want ’em joining either? It’s a tough road.]

5. Independent – Recruitment: Get yourself connected

[Tips for online job hunting and networking.]

6. Guardian – UCAS: student numbers hit new high

[Increases in the number of 18-year-olds starting uni, but a decline in mature students. Swings and roundabouts.]

7. Guardian – More students taking science degrees

[This is mainly pleasing news. Although I didn’t take a science degree myself, I have been concerned over the last few years at the downturn in numbers. It has been especially saddening to hear of departmental closures in some unis after lack of interest in certain degrees. Hopefully we can continue to see increases in student interest in sciences.]

8. Guardian – New reports measure impact of research

[A lot of money goes into research each year. I imagine it’s not just the public who would like to know where the money goes and how it’s spent, but I’m sure the researchers themselves would like to see how it gets sorted. Then again, might that be a recipe for more arguments?]

9. University of Chester – The 21st Century Diet

[Losing weight AND saving the planet at the same time? That’ll be even more incentive for some!]

10. Study Hacks – How to Schedule Your Writing Like a Professional Writer

[Another awesome article from Cal Newport. Loads of great tips. He also notes that writers drink lots of coffee. I don’t like coffee, so that’s a bummer. I’ll move away from the keyboard right now…sniff!]

11. – Student ‘Gappers’ Choose Work Over World Travels

[I’m not sure that students would ‘rather’ earn cash than travel the world. It’s more of a need now. Probably why more of you are taking gap years. Of all the people I know (past and present) who are taking gap years, they are either just working, or they are spending about half a year working and the other half travelling. Either way, it’s not quite the relaxed wonder-year that you conjure up images of when told about a ‘gap year’.]

12. Matt’s Idea Blog – What the heck is productivity all about?

[A great post. If we understand and appreciate what productivity is, I’m sure we can work toward being even more productive. Read this and get loads of ideas. Plus, there are many good links throughout the piece. Can’t say fairer than that!]

13. NUS Officer Online – Ten Points of Sexual Health

[An article for Student Union officers, but I advise you to read up on this and get to know a bit about what’s going on and read some of the stats they mention.]

14. New Scientist – Teach your brain to stretch time

[I’ve long been a fan of stretching time. As we get older, it’s generally acknowledged that time feels shorter with each year. I’m determined not to let that happen. My tips to you would be:

  • Do something different every day
  • Enjoy yourself as much as you can
  • Be interested in everything you experience
  • Challenge yourself
  • Don’t sit still
  • Open your eyes

Anyway, I really liked this article when it was first published early in 2006. Now it’s available to read on the NS site, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.]

15. Ririan Project – Work & Life: 15 Ways to Strike a Balance

[We’re not perfect as human beings. Also, we have chores just as much as we have fun things to do. This article helps you to achieve an accurate work/life balance.]

16. Alex Shalman – Are You In Control?

[Just as the Ririan Project link above is about a balance, Alex Shalman helps us take control of ourselves, rather than schedules and tasks taking over us. It’s time for a little bit of self-TLC…]

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