It’s been a great start to UniversityBlog and I’ve been so pleased with how quickly it has got off the ground. Thanks to everyone who has been reading. I hope it’s been of great use to you.

I am about to start work at a university quite near to me, which I’m obviously really happy about. In turn, I’ve looked over the stats, info, figures, facts and feedback on UniversityBlog to make some changes that should make sense to the way things have been working over this (admittedly) short period of time.

My current aim is to give the EduLinks posts more pride of place, rather than have them play second fiddle all the time. From now on they will be featured twice a week, on a Tuesday and a Thursday. I aim to spend a little more time giving my thoughts and opinions on the links (if I really can add anything!). Also, I hope to develop the EduLinks to something that we can love even more. They appear popular, as the links get regular clicks and I’ve been thanked for highlighting certain sites in the past. So here’s to the future!

In terms of feature article posts, I am going to add those on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It might provide a bit more focus for both the articles and the EduLinks that way. Also, as a result of getting a job in HE, these changes will benefit me too.

Of course, I’ll have to see how the changes affect the balance. Time will tell. And you can tell me too! If you have any suggestions or comments, please do make them! Feedback is much appreciated.

Watch out for the bumper EduLinks tomorrow!