EduLinks – Links in threes today

Four sites that get three links each today. How lucky are they? Three. It’s the magic number.

Telegraph – Student Health Special (from 2005, so some out of date info, but lots still relevant to today)
PART 1 – Spag bol and beans for beginners [Why the nutritional odds are stacked against undergraduates.]
PART 2 – College life, the sober truth [Dealing with alcohol and drug abuse]
PART 3 – Campus life? It’s infectious [Avoiding scary Fresher Flu and more.]

Null Hypothesis – The Journal of Unlikely Science [I like the idea of this website. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for strange stories.]

Trying Harms Your Health [Here’s one for the procrastinators…]
Phunny Phobias [Knees, Slopes, Infinity, Kissing. My goodness, us humans are scared of all sorts!]
Hot Scientist of the Week [Ding Dong!]

How Stuff Works [This website has all sorts of weird and wonderful topics. Here’s a random selection of three.]

How Tea Works [Fancy a cuppa?]
How to Clean Your Bathroom [For all you in en-suite rooms. Get scrubbing!]
How Geniuses Work [Now you’ve got no excuse…]

The Guardian

Horn of plenty [Ig Nobel Prize organiser writes]
Salute the simple sword of truth [More Ig Nobel Prize gubbins]
Regulate the regulators [Quality Control in Higher Education]