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Inspiration Bit – 33 Timeless Time Management Strategies [Pretty extensive reading. Time Management techniques for almost everyone.]

From The Times:

Will they cope? [How good is the care given to freshers that are under pressures, stress, unhappiness and the other difficulties that can occur?]

Drunks, Drugs and Fire Alarms [How some students coped with their issues, what they would have liked, and how you can deal with it now.]

‘Personal tutors need training’ [Pastoral care and independent students.]

From The Guardian:

A Race to the Finish – PhD completion times at different universities [As the article’s blurb asks, “Why do students at some universities manage to complete their PhDs long before those at others?”]

Is there any evidence for the Mars-Venus theory? Deborah Cameron, an Oxford language professor, discusses gender differences in these three extracts from her new book ‘The Myths of Mars and Venus’:

What language barrier? – Part 1
Speak up, I can’t hear you – Part 2
Back down to earth – Part 3

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  1. Thanks for the comment – my school’s only had one go to Oxbridge in 50 years – so it might be that!

    You’ve got an interesting blog here – it’s really good to see such dedication to academia. I’ll have to note this down sometime and keep up with it 🙂

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