EduLinks – The Student Room (Revisited)

Wow, it’s all go today! It’s another EduLink that cannot wait.

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The Student Room is pretty much the best student website around has got a new (and much better) look. If you have never been to the site, give it a look. Not only is the info easy to find, but the Wiki idea is great and the Forums are very well frequented.

I know I’ve already highlighted this place before, but I think it’s well worth mentioning again. I will be setting up a Blogroll on UniversityBlog soon, so The Student Room will certainly be up there with the best.


  1. I believe it’s UK only, yes. Sorry, I focus my links and information on the UK, although some of the info and links could be of use around the world. Alas, not The Student Room.

  2. wheres a review on my site lol, updated daily, 201 pages applies about 70% to UK but if you just switch university to college its basicly the same for US and i also have my free offers and shopping split into UK and USA >.>, ive been on the student room and signed up but when i asked questions i just kept getting told everything but what i wanted to know lol

  3. Sorry to hear that. I find the forums a pretty good source of info. And occasional sarcastic banter. And healthy argument.

    I wish I could go on to the site more often.

  4. ive been on the student room and signed up but when i asked questions i just kept getting told everything but what i wanted to know lol

    Perhaps you were not being coherent enough in your posts.

    Long live TSR.

  5. Yep TSR is a great forum being new there all I can say it is a great help for revision noted and exams.etc

    There can be the occasional NUT in the forums however most of the time they are preety friendly…

    Watch Out the occassional banter as you say can get addicitive lol…

  6. I think you’ll find there’s lots of info about non-UK universities on there. Plus the wiki is fairly underpopulated.

  7. Thanks Rebecca. After your comment, I had a quick look on the Forums and there is an ‘International Study‘ forum and a specific ‘US Study‘ forum. However, I think these are aimed at UK students who want to go to a uni abroad, rather than for students from elsewhere in the world.

    There is also a lot of info for international students in UK universities.

    I wonder if there is an international version of The Student Room out there somewhere…?

  8. Although the student room is good it can be pretty hard work trawling through the “banter” get the info you want.

    Came across site called Its been teaming up with student newspapers across the UK to create a single source for finding campus reporting. Seems to be real time. Good features on there too.

  9. Thanks for this link, Anna.

    I like the idea of Flisolo and I’m going to have a closer look this week. Good find. Once the new academic year begins, this could kick off quite nicely.

  10. TSR had another pretty major update a week or so ago. You can now customise aspects, choose what colour skin you want and the navigation/template has been streamlined. Hope everyone likes it šŸ™‚

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