Think through in advance and reap the benefits

As my first post today explains, many new students are currently embarking on a fresh academic journey. My question to you is this:

  • What do you want out of university?

Let’s be honest, there’s probably a load of reasons and you’ll probably be adding to those reasons with each couple of hours that goes by during Freshers Week. It’s what happens. Everything kicks off.

But what do you REALLY want to get out of university? What do you see as the end result? Do you want power? Do you want a solid CV the moment you’ve finished? Do you want to find love (or just get laid)? Do you want to say that you were one of those people who ran around the campus naked with your mates, just because it was a laugh? Do you want a First and a string of other academic achievements over anything else?

I ask this question so early on in the academic year (and whether you’re a Fresher, or in your final year), because you need to do this one thing before it’s too late:

  • Sort your priorities out.

Until you do this, you can’t get the most out of uni. If you wander around, expecting everything to come to you, it’s not going to happen. Sure, you’ll have a laugh and experience loads of great stuff. But you won’t get it all.

So even if you don’t know what you want this very moment, keep that question in your head as you’re going along. In fact, ask yourself in all situations, not just academic ones. Always remember to ask yourself, “What do I really want from this?”

So I’ll repeat my question to you. I’d love to know what you’re thinking right now…

What do YOU want out of university?