EduLinks – Random Links of Note

Today, lots of new posts from various blogs. To be honest, I would recommend you check them all out in their own right. Very helpful on the studying front: – The full system: Note taking, scheduling and studying [Another great link helping out with notes. For some people, they’re a breeze, while others get bogged down. When me and my mates started uni, we would have loved to have seen these tips in such abundance.]

HackCollege – Online Literature Summaries, Essays and Analyses [Some better known literature sites and others that I’d never heard of before. I good resource, especially if you’re studying for English or similar.]

Academic Productivity – The definitive hack for your music collection [Let the background music fit in and keep you happy. You won’t even need to remember it’s there for you.]

The Student Help Forum – The 10 best Facebook apps for students and 3 to avoid [You know you’re going to want to check out the 3 to avoid aswell. Resistance is futile.]

Pick the Brain – 7 ways to make your own luck [With a little bit of fine tuning, you can help yourself to go from strength to strength.]

Scott H Young – 50 tricks to study better, faster and with less stress [Does exactly what it says on the link. Try to work out which methods suit you best and then really try hard to perfect them as best as possible. You’ll be surprised just how much you might be able to achieve with the right mind tools.]