EduLinks – Random Links of Note

HERO, the online gateway to Higher Education, is currently running a monthly feature that focuses on the society scene in different Students’ Unions across the UK. Even if you don’t go to the universities listed so far, it might give you an idea of the types of weird and wonderful societies you might want to start up yourself, if there isn’t already one at your uni…


Guardian Education – What are the class of ’97 up to? [Revisiting people who studied Teacher Training a decade ago to see if they are actually still teaching. On a personal note, several teaching friends of mine from the last 4 or 5 years have either moved on to different careers (such as working on youth projects, counselling, and so on), or are currently considering a change. It’s a mixed bag of thoughts from where I sit, although I have no direct teacher training experience myself. Hearing about it is very different from experiencing it.]

Guardian – Can this really save the planet? [The Guardian are asking a lot of questions today. The article discusses all the little things we’re encouraged to do for the environment, such as reusing bags, turning your gadgets off instead of switching to standby, only filling the kettle up to the level of water you need. But however good this is in a small way – and we shouldn’t stop doing these things – we shouldn’t kid ourselves that it’s making that much of a difference in isolation.]

So, you really want to be a university lecturer? [Get an understanding of what it’s like on the other side of academia, as a lecturer] [A student website, not just for uni students, but with a fair amount of info regardless.]

Students’ Union Websites [If you don’t know your SU website, it’s probably on this list.  Also, check out other SUs so you can get more good ideas for your own.  NOTE: Although it’s quite a good resource, it’s missing some SU sites and I think has one or two wrong addresses.  In the main, it’s a good starting point.]