EduLinks – Random Links of Note

Telegraph – A student’s guide to the first year [If you want to know what to expect at university, ask the people who have done it. The students.]

Wikipedia – Unusual articles [Worth a look. Some strange, amusing, eye-opening entries. Makes for good chat topics sometimes too…handy for long, drawn out conversations that go on until the early hours of the morning…all you current students know exactly what I’m talking about.]

BBC News – Students positive about courses [Results from the National Student Survey. Good news…uni’s great! – UPDATE! The headline has suddenly changed to STUDENTS BEMOAN LACK OF FEEDBACK.  So uni’s still great, but better methods are needed to keep students happy with their studies.  Watch this space for any further headline changes…!]

Guardian – Can you believe everything you are told when it comes to your health? [I bet you believed at least one of the so-called ‘facts’ that are busted in this article. I certainly did.]

Best Life – 8 foods you should eat every day [After reading the article above, do we believe this one or not? There’s never a simple answer, is there?]

Internet Resources Newsletter [Each month this comes out, I would recommend you have at least a quick look at the sites they suggest. For years, I’ve been regularly finding new links of use thanks to the newsletter.]